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Annual membership dues with the World Chelonian Trust are our primary method for obtaining operating funds. Each member receives four information packed newsletters per year. While for almost all magazines and many other newsletters most costs are covered by advertisements, we have very, very little advertising in our newsletter. We are also very selective about the advertisements which we will post in our pages. Instead, we have numerous completely original articles written by experts in various arenas of chelonian conservation.

We do our best to make the World Chelonian Trust web site as all encompassing and helpful as possible. Unfortunately lack of space, time, or simply because an article does not fit in well with one of our sections preclude many of the Newsletter articles from being posted here, or from being posted here soon after publishing. The only way to see make certain that you see them all is by becoming a member of the WCT. 

The following Articles and Columns are in the Issue # 8 of the WCT Newsletter.


Two Turtles from DR Congo, Bruce G. Marcot


A Health Crisis, Shelly Jones (uric acid granulation removal procedure on a

Testudo horsfieldii )


Linda Putnam biography, Lisa Weiss


Yasunori Tanaka biography, Lisa Weiss


Egg dystocia caught on radiograph, plus normal gravidity shots, Chris Tabaka DVM


Q&A, Darrell Senneke


Thousand Springs Art Festival, Ken Carlsen


Remodeling a Tortoise Table, Amy Fredericksen


Testudo marginata husbandry overview, Lisa Weiss


Show Reports from Around the Country, Darrell Senneke, Lisa Weiss, Ken Carlsen


Our dues are low ($20 per annum). By joining the World Chelonian Trust not only will you be supporting such efforts as this web site, but you will also receive useful, practical turtle and tortoise information each quarter.  As an added incentive we have also arranged discounts on various books and products for WCT Newsletter subscribers.


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