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WCT Turtle and Tortoise- FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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Contributing Authors - a list of authors that have contributed items for the WCT web site.

Complete Chelonian Taxonomy List We are pleased to be able to present the Tewksbury Herpetological Institute's Complete Chelonian Taxonomy List. 

An Overview of the Animal Markets of China - Click this link to go to the section of this web site devoted to the animal markets of China. Photos, locations, comments and pricing information are presented in this overview. (If you would be willing to translate this and possibly other articles in the future  so we may more effectively present them, please contact us at: .   High priority languages that are not currently being processed are Chinese, Japanese, German, and Italian,  (Others would be gratefully appreciated as well.)

Breeding and Incubation - Articles dealing specifically with breeding and incubation.

Care Sheets - Turtle and Tortoise species specific care sheets, most of these are of one or two pages and suitable for handouts. 

Conservation and Natural History  - articles dealing with the natural history and conservation of chelonians as well as the obstacles confronting their survival.  Also included in this section are articles explaining the taxonomic differences between similar species. 

News - Turtles and tortoises in the news, announcements to the membership and specific World Chelonian Trust news.

Husbandry - Husbandry articles, both general and species specific.  Food preparation, habitat construction and other aspects of general husbandry.

Medical - Articles dealing with the medical (veterinary) care of turtles and tortoises.

Sexual Determination Pages - Visually intensive articles to help you determine the sex of your turtles or tortoises

Taxonomy and Morphometrics Pages - Pages devoted to turtle and tortoise taxonomy 

Taxonomic Photo Quizzes

World Animal Markets

Friends Of the Trust

Meet the Trustees - Biographies of the Trustees of the World Chelonian Trust

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