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The World Chelonian Trust would like to thank the following people , families and organizations, who through their generosity,  support and services we are proud to name as: 


Their help and support does much to assist the WCT in reaching its goals. 

  Copyright © 2003, 2004 World Chelonian Trust. All rights reserved

Updated June 19, 2004

We Sincerely Thank;


Jean Adamson
Dave Asleson
Lynda Bagley
Gary Bagnall

Stephen Barten DVM
Charles R Beach Jr.
Erik Brach
Geraldine T. Broadbent
Peter J. Brynildsen
Robert Carns
G.E. Chow
Bob & Brenda Cleary
John & Carol Clulow
Susan Donoghue VMD
Laura Dunklee
Colleen Engelmann
Fred Erwin
Matt Frankel
Regina Gandour-Edwards
William Garrett
Linda Gould
M. Barry S. Gray
Joseph Greenberg
Helen Harshman-Edwards
Michael Hall

Linda Hoskins
Jim Hubbert
Rebecca Hyde
Ambrose Jacobson
Roberts- Jakubs Family
Brendan W. Kelley
Marc Killingstad
Janice Krakora-Looby
Barbara Krzewicki
Douglas Land
Chuck Landrey
Dave Lee
Leslie Levine
Alex & Joey Lombard
Lisa Lowell
Brobson Lutz
Julie Maguire
Rebecca A. Marshall
Joerg Mayer
Kevin McCarthy
Stephany Moore
Thomas K. Motlow
Seth Murphy
Ed Neil
Jan Orcutt
Patricia Osborne
Tom Palmer
Ty Park
Todd Parker
Matt S. Rand
Anders Rhodin
Felice Rood
Annabel Ross
Mitchell Ross
Daniel G. Schkeeper
Jeff & Robyn Seifert
Robert Silva
Katherine Stewart
Luben Stoiloy
Marney Stroud
Bob Towal
Kira Varszegi
Victoria Wagile
Harold Wahlquist
Julie Wasserman

Noel Westerlind
David Zeitz
Gwen Zimmerman

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