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It is rapidly apparent as one surfs the World Chelonian Trust web site that it is the work of many people. Much as the WCT Newsletter does, the web site also welcomes articles written by knowledgeable people in order to bring the best possible information to visitors. We wish to express our sincere thanks to the following individuals whose written work appears on these web pages.


Steve Battke

Torston Blanck

Jim Buskirk

Ken Carlsen

Sharon Chancellor MT

Tess Cook

Misty Corton

Barbara Dillard

Roberto Duroni

Ben Forrest

Stephanie Grow

Elisa Gustafson

Chris Hobson

Raymond Huang

Glen Jacobsen

Julio Arturo Torres Jaubert

Shelly Jones

Jody Karlin

Marty La Prees

David S. Lee

John Levell

Victor Loehr

Mike Lowe

Jihyung, Lyu

Jesús Mendoza

Martha Ann Messinger

Paula Morris

Jason Newsted

George Patton

Andres Romanowski

Pat Ruby

Loic Rumelhard

Darrell Senneke

Hidde Shimoyoshi

Andy Snider

Dan Sterantino

Chris Tabaka DVM

Yasunori Tanaka

Tewksbury Herpetological Institute et. al.

Scott Thomson

Craig Tufts

Bill Urschel

Radek Vicek

Lisa Weiss

Steve Zuppa 

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