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Examples of Severe Pyramiding in Geochelone sulcata  - Darrell Senneke   

The photos below were taken of G. sulcata brought in for rehoming.   The first set of photos are of an animal that is by far the worst case of "stacked" scutes in a sulcata that I have seen.  The animal's shell is very firm and while it cannot completely lift itself off the surface to move, it's limbs are strong and it is mobile.  The history (diet, supplements, habitat provided) of the animal is unknown. 

The two animals in the six photos following the first ten are from a different source, in this case the deformity was manifest as a flattened and very soft shell. These two animals were barely mobile, possessing very weak limbs and a softened jaw.

The final photos are of Geochelone sulcata as they appear with perfect shell formation. . This is the look we should strive for. This tends to be rare in captivity but beautiful indeed..

Animal received  December - 2004.  The diet was unknown. The animal is approximately 13 inches long at this point (32 cm).

Two animals received for rehoming September - 2003.  The diet  consisted of dog food, green beans, lettuce and fruit.  Both animals are approximately 12 inches long at this point (30 cm).

Well conformed Geochelone sulcata.  This appearance is possible with careful attention to diet and habitat. 


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