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Spanish, English and Taxonomic Designation Reference Table

The following is a table created to assist those who need to relate the scientific designation for a species to common names in both Spanish and English.  Please note, this table is not intended to be all inclusive, many species are known by more than one common name depending on local custom.

For pictures of each of the following species, please see the  World Chelonian Trust Picture Galleries

Sincere thanks to  Julio Arturo Torres Jaubert for his work in compiling this table.

Species for which the World Chelonian Trust has care sheets in Spanish as well as English are linked respectively below.  

Taxonomic Designation Spanish Name English Name      
Acanthochelys pallidipectoris Tortuga de cuello ladeado de El Chaco Chaco sideneck turtle      
Amyda cartilaginea Tortuga asiática de concha blanda Asian softshelled turtle  
Apalone spinifera spinifera Tortuga de concha blanda espinosa Spiny softshell turtle  
Batagur baska Terrapene de Río River Terrapin  
Callagur borneoensis Galápago Pintado de Borneo Painted Terrapin  
Caretta caretta Tortuga marina común Loggerhead sea turtle  
Carettochelys insculpata Tortuga de carapacho blando / Tortuga boba papuana Pignose turtle  
Carettochelys insculpta Tortuga de Ramsay Pig-nosed Fly River turtle  
Chelodina expansa Tortuga gigante de cuello de serpiente Broad-shelled turtle  
Chelodina longicollis Tortuga de cuello de serpiente Eastern long-necked turtle  
Chelonia mydas Tortuga verde / tortuga franca / Tortuga blanca Green sea turtle  
Chelus fimbriatus Mata mata Mata mata  
Chelydra serpentina Tortuga comilluda Snapper / snapping turtle  
Chelydra serpentina osceola Tortuga de presa Florida Snapping turtle  
Chelydra serpentina serpentina Tortuga de presa americana / Tortuga mordedora Common snapping turtle  
Chersina angulata To bauprés Bowsprit tortoise  
Chinemys nigricans Tortuga de Cuello Rojo Redneck Pond Turtle  
Chinemys reevesii Tortuga de Reeves Reeves' Turtle  
Chitra indica Tortuga de concha blanda y cabeza estrecha Narrow-headed softshelled turtle  
Chrysemys picta Tortuga Pintada Painted Turtle  
Claudius angustatus Tortuga almizclada de puente estrecho Narrow-bridged musk turtle  
Clemmys gutatta Galápago jaspeado Spotted turtle  
Clemmys insculpta Galápago del bosque Wood turtle  
Clemmys marmorata Tortuga de Estanque del Pacífico Pacific Pond Turtle  
Clemmys muhlenbergii Tortuga Acuática de Mühlenberg Bog Turtle  
Cuora amboinensis Tortuga de Caja del Sureste de Asia Southeast Asia Box Turtle  
Cuora amboinensis amboinensis Tortuga de caja malaya / Tortuga de Ambon Malayan box turtle  
Cuora aurocapitata Tortuga de Caja de Cabeza Amarilla Yellow-headed Box Turtle  
Cuora flavomarginata Tortuga de Caja de Margenes Amarillas Yellow-margined Box Turtle  
Cuora galbinifrons Tortuga de Caja Indochina Indochinese Box Turtle  
Cuora mccordi Tortuga de Caja de McCord McCord's Box Turtle  
Cuora pani Tortuga de Caja de Pan Pan's Box Turtle  
Cuora trifasciata Tortuga de Caja China Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle  
Cuora yunnanensis Tortuga de Caja de Yunnan Yunnan Box Turtle  
Cuora zhoui Tortuga de Caja de Zhou Zhou's Box Turtle  
Deirochelys reticularia Tortuga Pollo Chicken Turtle  
Dermatemys mawii Tortuga de río de Centroamérica Central American river turtle  
Dermochelys coriácea Tortuda laúd / Tortuga Cardón (Ven.) / Tortuga sin concha / Tortuga tora (CenA) Leatherback sea turtle  
Emydoidea blandingii Tortuga de Blanding Blanding's Turtle  
Emys blandingii Tortuga acuática americana Blanding's turtle  
Emys orbicularis Galápago Europeo / Tortuga de charca europea / Tortuga acuática europea European Pond Turtle  
Eretmochelys imbricata Tortuga carey / Tortuga carape (Ven) Hawksbill turtle  
Geochelone carbonaria Tortuga de Patas Rojas / Tortuga carbonera Red-Footed Tortoise  
Geochelone chilensis Tortuga del Chaco Chilean Tortoise  
Geochelone denticulata Tortuga de Patas Amarillas Yellow-footed Tortoise  
Geochelone elegans Tortuga Hindú / Tortuga estrella de la India Star Tortoise  
Geochelone gigantea Tortuga de Aldabra Aldabran Giant Tortoise  
Geochelone nigra Tortuga de las Islas Galápagos Giant Tortoise  
Geochelone pardalis Tortuga Leopardo Leopard Tortoise  
Geochelone platynota Tortuga Estrellada Burmese Star Tortoise  
Geochelone radiata Tortuga Radiada Radiated Tortoise  
Geochelone sulcata Tortuga Africana de Espuelas African Spurred Tortoise  
Geochelone yniphora Tortuga Angonoka Ploughshare Tortoise  
Geoclemys hamiltonii Tortuga de Estanque Moteada / Galápago de Hamilton Spotted Pond Turtle  
Geoemyda japonica Tortuga de Pecho Negro de Okinawa Okinawa Black-breasted Leaf Turtle  
Geoemyda silvatica Tortuga del Bosque Cochin Cochin Forest Cane Turtle  
Geoemyda spengleri Tortuga de Pecho Negro China Chinese Black-breasted Leaf Turtle  
Gopherus agassizii Tortuga de California California Desert Tortoise  
Gopherus berlandieri Tortuga de Texas Texas Gopher Tortoise  
Gopherus flavomarginatus Tortuga Mexicana Mexican Gopher Tortoise  
Gopherus poliphemus Tortuga del desierto Gopher tortoise  
Gopherus polyphemus Tortuga de la Florida Florida Gopher Tortoise  
Graptemys barbouri Tortuga Mapa de Barbour Barbour's Map Turtle  
Graptemys caglei Tortuga Mapa de Cagle Cagle's Map Turtle  
Graptemys ernsti Tortuga Mapa de Ernst Ernst's Map Turtle  
Graptemys flavimaculata Tortuga Mapa Manchada de Amarillo Yellow-blotched Map Turtle  
Graptemys geographica Tortuga Mapa Común Common Map Turtle  
Graptemys gibbonsi Tortuga Mapa de Gibbons Gibbons' Map Turtle  
Graptemys nigrinoda Tortuga Mapa de Puntos Negros Black-knobbed Map Turtle  
Graptemys oculifera Tortuga Mapa Anillada Ringed Map Turtle  
Graptemys ouachitensis Tortuga Mapa Ouachita Ouachita Map Turtle  
Graptemys pseudogeographica Tortuga Mapa Falsa False Map Turtle  
Graptemys pulchra Tortuga Mapa de Alabama Alabama Map Turtle  
Graptemys versa Tortuga Mapa de Texas Texas Map Turtle  
Hardella thurjii Tortuga de Río Coronada Crowned River Turtle  
Heosemys depressa Tortuga del Bosque Arakan Arakan Forest Turtle  
Heosemys grandis Tortuga de Estanque Asiática Gigante Giant Asian Pond Turtle  
Heosemys leytensis Tortuga de Estanque Filipina Philippine Pond Turtle  
Heosemys spinosa Tortuga Espinosa Spiny Turtle  
Kachuga tecta Tortuga de la India Indian Roofed Turtle  
Kinixys belliana Tortuga articulada de Bell Bell's Hingeback tortoise  
Lepidochelys olivacea Tortuga aceitunada / Tortuga lora / Tortuga Paslama (CenA) Olive Ridley sea turtle  
Lissemys punctata andersoni Tortuga de concha moteada Anderson's Flap-shelled turtle  
Macrochelys temminckii Tortuga caimán Alligator snapping turtle  
Malaclemys terrapin centrata Galápago diamantino de Carolina Carolina Diamondback terrapin  
Malacochersus tornieri Tortuga pastel africana Pancake tortoise  
Malayemys subtrijuga Tortuga malaya comecaracoles Malayan snail-eating turtle  
Malocochersus tornieri Tortuga africana  
Manouria emys Tortuga Castaña Brown Tortoise  
Mauremys caspica Galápago Leproso Caspian Turtle  
Mauremys iversoni Tortuga de Estanque de Fuji Fujian Pond Turtle  
Mauremys japonica Tortuga de Estanque Japonesa Japanese Pond Turtle  
Mauremys leprosa Tortuga mediterránea Mediterranean pond turtle  
Mauremys mutica Tortuga de Estanque Amarilla Yellow Pond Turtle  
Ocadia sinensis Tortuga de cuello de bandas

Chinese stripe-necked turtle

Golden thread turtle

Orlitia borneoensis Tortuga gigante de Malasia Malayasin giant turtle  
Pelochelys bibroni Tortuga gigante asiática de concha blanda Asian giant softshelled turtle  
Pelomedusa subrufa Tortuga de Escudo Helmeted Turtle  
Pelusios adansonii Tortuga de Fango de Adanson Adanson's Mud Turtle  
Pelusios bechuanicus Tortuga de Fango Okavango Okavango Mud Turtle  
Pelusios broadleyi Tortuga de Fango de Broadley Broadley's Mud Turtle  
Pelusios carinatus Tortuga de Fango Aquillada African Keeled Mud Turtle  
Pelusios castaneus Tortuga de Fango Africana Occidental West African Mud Turtle  
Pelusios castanoides Tortuga de Fango Africana Oriental East African Yellow-bellied Mud Turtle  
Pelusios gabonensis Tortuga Selvática African Forest Turtle  
Pelusios nanus Tortuga de Fango Enana African Dwarf Mud Turtle  
Pelusios niger Tortuga Selvática Negra West African Black Forest Turtle  
Pelusios rhodesianus Tortuga de Fango Variable Variable Mud Turtle  
Pelusios seychellensis Tortuga de Fango de las Seychelles Seychelles Mud Turtle  
Pelusios sinuatus Tortuga de Fango Serrada Serrated Mud Turtle  
Pelusios subniger Tortuga de Fango Negra East African Black Mud Turtle  
Pelusios williamsi Tortuga de Fango de Williams Williams' Mud Turtle  
Phrynops geoffroanus Tortuga de cuello ladeado Geoffroy's side-necked turtle  
Phrynops hilarii Tortuga de cuello ladeado y vientre jaspeado Hilaire's side-necked turtle  
Platemys platycephala Tortuga de cuello ladeado Twist-necked turtle  
Platysternon megacephalum Tortuga macrocéfala Big-head turtle  
Platysternon megacephalum Tortuga platiesternón de cabeza grande Big headed turtle  
Podocnemis expansa Tortuga gigante de Sudamérica / Tortuga Arrau Giant Amazonian river turtle  
Podocnemis unifilis Tortuga moteada amarilla del Amazonas Yellow-spotted Amazon river turtle  
Pyxidea mouhotii Tortuga de Caja Aquillada Keeled Box Turtle  
Pyxis arachnoides arachnoides Tortuga araña malgache Malagasy spider turtle  
Rafetus euphraticus Tortuga de concha blanda del Éufrates Mesopotamian softshell turtle  
Rheodytes leukops Tortuga de Fitzroy Fitzroy river turtle  
Rhinoclemmys annulata Terrapene Café Brown Wood Turtle  
Rhinoclemmys areolata Terrapene Arrugado Furrowed Wood Turtle  
Rhinoclemmys diademata Terrapene de Maracaibo Maracaibo Wood Turtle  
Rhinoclemmys funerea Terrapene Negro Black Wood Turtle  
Rhinoclemmys melanosterna Terrapene Colombiano Colombian Wood Turtle  
Rhinoclemmys nasuta Terrapene Narizudo Largenose Wood Turtle  
Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima Terrapene Rayado Painted Wood Turtle  
Rhinoclemmys punctularia Terrapene de Patas Moteadas Spot-legged Turtle  
Rhinoclemmys rubida Terrapene Moteado Mexicano Mexican Spotted Wood Turtle  
Siebenrockiella crassicollis Tortuga negra de marismas

Smiling terrapin

Black terrapin

Black mud turtle

Malaysian black mud turtle

Staurotypus salvinii Tortuga almizclada gigante de Chiapas

Central American musk turtle

Pacific coast giant musk turtle

Staurotypus triporcatus Tortuga mexicana gigante

Three-keeled musk turtle

Giant musk turtle

Mexican cross-breasted turtle

Sternotherus minor Tortuga laúd almizclada Loggerhead musk turtle  
Terrapene carolina Tortuga de Caja de las Carolinas Eastern Box Turtle  
Terrapene coahuila Tortuga de Caja de Coahuila Coahuilan Box Turtle  
Terrapene nelsoni Tortuga de Caja Moteada Spotted Box Turtle  
Terrapene ornata Tortuga de Caja Ornada Ornate Box Turtle  
Testudo graeca Tortuga Griega Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoise  
Testudo hermanni

Tortuga común europea

Tortuga de Hermann

Hermann's Tortoise  
Testudo horsfieldii Tortuga de Asia Central Horsfield's Tortoise  
Testudo ibera Tortuga de Asia Menor Asia Minor Spur-thighed Tortoise  
Testudo kleinmanni Tortuga Egipcia Egyptian Tortoise  
Testudo marginata Tortuga Marginada Marginated Tortoise  
Testudo terrestris Tortuga del Medio Oriente Middle Eastern Spur-thighed Tortoise  
Tortuga graeca Tortuga común europea Golden Greek Tortoise  
Trachemys decorata Tortuga Dominicana Hispaniola Slider  
Trachemys decussata Tortuga de las Antillas North Antilles Slider  
Trachemys dorbigni Tortuga de Orbigny Orbigny's Slider  
Trachemys scripta Tortuga Resbaladora Slider  
Trachemys scripta cataspilla Regla de cálculo Veracruz slider  
Trachemys scripta elegans Tortuga de orejas rojas Red-eared slider  
Trachemys stejnegeri Tortuga de las Antillas Centrales Central Antilles Slider  
Trachemys terrapen Tortuga Jamaiquina Jamaican Slider  


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