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Current Global Weather Conditions - Darrell Senneke


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As an aid to those attempting to duplicate a natural environment as well as arrange for the safe shipping for their turtles and tortoises we are providing this page.  In the table below are the current weather conditions for various locations around the world at this time.  Clicking on any of the icons will take you to a service hosted by Wunderground that will supply a full weather report for that specific area. 


In arranging the care and habitats for turtles and tortoises the knowledge of the current conditions where they may have originated is hoped to be an aid in both providing proper care and in understanding their behavior as they become acclimated to their new environs. Obviously an animal removed from its native environment will stressed by changing weather conditions and seasons. These changes can also result in breeding activity and hibernation drives  at what are now inappropriate times of the year in its new location. It is vitally important, especially with temperate species like Chaco tortoises (Geochelone chilensis) and Russian tortoises (Testudo horsfieldii) as well as many others,  that one take into account the seasonal change when moving them across the equator.   An animal preparing to hibernate suffers extreme stress when suddenly thrust into summer just as one preparing to breed or possibly gravid does when confronted with the cooler temperatures and lowered light intensity and duration of winter. 


Regarding the shipping of animals it is the responsibility of the person doing so to insure that any such transport be done both safely and legally. The World Chelonian Trust assumes no liability for mistakes either in the reported weather conditions at transshipping points or the methods used to ship by viewers of this page.


(Some weather stations are in remote areas with unreliable connections to the internet. Weather stations appearing as broken links are connections that are not operating at the present time)


Africa / Madagascar

Click for Tripoli, Libya Forecast

Tripoli, Libya

Click for Bamako, Mali Forecast

Bamako, Mali

Click for Morondava, Madagascar Forecast

Morondava, Madagascar

Click for Nosy Be, Madagascar Forecast

Nosy Be, Madagascar

Click for Windhoek, Namibia Forecast

Windhoek, Namibia 

Click for Lagos, Nigeria Forecast

Lagos, Nigeria

Click for Dakar, Senegal Forecast

Dakar, Senegal

Click for Pretoria, South Africa Forecast

Pretoria, South Africa

Click for Zanzibar, Tanzania Forecast

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Click for Soroti, Uganda Forecast

Soroti, Uganda  


  Click for Kabul, Afghanistan Forecast

Kabul, Afghanistan  

Click for Chengdu, Cheng-Du Forecast

Chengdu, China   

Click for Guangzhou, Guang-Zhou Forecast

Guangzhou, China 

Click for Hong Kong, Hong Kong Forecast

Hong Kong, China

Click for New Delhi, India Forecast

New Delhi, India

Click for Bombay, India Forecast

Bombay, India   

Click for Tokyo, Japan Forecast

Tokyo, Japan 

  Click for Bangkok, Thailand Forecast

Bangkok, Thailand

Australia / Indonesia / Malaysia

Click for McArthur River, Northern Territory Forecast

McArthur River, NT Australia 

  Click for Sydney, New South Wales Forecast

Sydney NSW, Australia 

Click for Jakarta Observatory, Indonesia Forecast

Jakarta, Indonesia   

Click for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Forecast

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Europe / Middle East

  Click for Zagreb Pleso, Croatia Forecast

Zagreb., Croatia

Click for Toulouse, France Forecast

Toulouse, France

Click for Beirut, Lebanon Forecast

Beirut, Lebanon

Click for Amsterdam, Netherlands Forecast

Amsterdam, Netherlands

North America / Hawaii

Click for Los Angeles, California Forecast

Los Angeles, California, USA 

Click for Miami, Florida Forecast

Miami, Florida, USA

Click for Savannah, Georgia Forecast

Savannah Georgia, USA

Click for Chicago, Illinois Forecast

Chicago, Illinois, USA 

  Click for El Paso, Texas Forecast

El Paso, New Mexico, USA

Click for New York, New York Forecast

New York, New York USA

  Click for Wilmington, Ohio Forecast

Wilmington, Ohio, USA

Click for Memphis, Tennessee Forecast

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

 Click for Honolulu, Hawaii Forecast

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

South America / Central America

Click for Resistencia, Argentina Forecast

Resistencia, Argentina 

Click for Brasilia, Brazil Forecast

Brasilia, Brazil 

Click for San Jose, Costa Rica Forecast

San Jose, Costa Rica

Click for Cancun, Mexico Forecast

Cancun, Mexico 


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