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CITES protected chelonians in the markets  

Geochelone platynota - Burmese starred tortoise

Prices range from 600-1500 RMB ($75-200) depending on the size and condition of the animal.  



This species is primarily offered under the table rather than out front.  Along with Manouria impressa, many specimens are sent to Beijing and Shanghai for premium prices; these two cities house the majority of the "new wealth" on the mainland and thus are the primary markets for the higher end chelonia. The shopkeepers in the Qing Ping market stated that this year this species is very difficult to get and the prices are very high.

Pictures below are from specimens in the Beijing Zoo rather than from the markets.   The authors were  offered a specimen while in the Guangzhou Qing Ping market,  but declined to take a look at it.

The animal below is being housed with two severely pyramided Geochelone sulcata (front left) as well as a severely pyramided Geochelone radiata (not in picture) in the reptile building at the Beijing Zoo.

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