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CITES protected chelonians in the markets  

Manouria impressa - Impressed tortoise 

Price ranges from 150 to 800 RMB ($20-100 US) depending on the specimen in the pet markets

Price was 65- 120 RMB ($9-15 US) per kilogram at a food market

Cambodia, ? China : Hunan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia : Peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam


This primitive species is available off and on in the various food and pet markets.  Along with Geochelone platynota specimens, this species is often sent directly to Beijing and Shanghai where most of the non-Hong Kong wealth resides and where these two species command a premium. 

The subadult animal below was for sale in the Guangzhou Qing Ping pet market area. 

The animal with the multiple, multiple extra scutes below was for sale in a pet market as well.


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