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CITES protected chelonians in the markets  

Indotestudo elongata - Elongated tortoise

120 RMB ($15 US) per kilogram

Bangladesh, Cambodia, China : Guangxi, India, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia : Peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Viet Nam


Available by the hundreds if not thousands, elongata dominate the markets in terms of being the most predominant tortoise species available.   While locality data is unknown, it appears that a wide range of populations are represented in the markets judging by the physical differences/coloration between various populations.   While the occasional Indotestudo forsteni may show up in the market, it is a relatively rare occurrence. 

The animals below are in the medicinal market area of the Guangzhou Qing Ping markets.  Like many stalls in this market, the animals are often stacked two to five layers deep.  Note the Cuora galbinifrons in the picture below as well.

A Keeled box turtle (Pyxidea mouhotti) mixed in with a crate of I. elongata

Bright yellow heads, large amount of black patterning over many of the scutes; this animal had obvious physical differences from the more common and much more widely available form of elongated tortoises and is likely a subspecies population from an isolated area.


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