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CITES protected chelonians in the markets  

Lissemys punctata - Indian Flapshell turtle

40 RMB ($5 US) per Kg or 20 RMB ($2.50 US) for a 4 inch pet

Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka



This softshell/hardshell aquatic cross species is still extremely uncommon in private collections and has been found to be rather delicate in terms of it's care.  The species was only found in one market; in a stall in the Guangzhou Qing Ping medicinal market.

Two Lissemys specimens are visible below.  They appear to be L. punctata scutata from the carapacial view.  Each of the dampened bags seen below these animals also contains further Lissemys specimens.

Though the natural ranges of Indian flap shells and flowerback box turtles do not even come close to crossing, mix and match selections such as those seen below are common. Situations such as these help explain the extremely high mortality rate seen in untreated wild caught C. galbinifrons specimens.   Terrestrial species in general are much more susceptible to protozoan problems that can often be carried without apparent harm in aquatic species.


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