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*** Native Species Exports From the United States - The American Turtle Trade***

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11-07-2006 Treating extreme shell rot in Chelodina   

08-06-2006 Biography Sal Santelli

04-10-2006 Differentiating Cuora picturata from Cuora bourretii - Chris Tabaka DVM

04-03-2006 Declared Turtle Trade From the United States (56 pages)

03-13-2006 Two Turtles from Western Democratic Republic of the Congo:  Pelusios chapini and Kinixys erosa

12-13-2005 Differentiating Male and Female Chersina angulata (Bowsprit Tortoise)

03-04-2005 Register for the TSA 2005 Symposium and General Meeting

01-28-2005 Spanish, English and Taxonomic Designation Reference Table

01-28-2005 Testudo marginata (Schoepff, 1792)  The Marginated Tortoise

01-25-2005 Circannual Rhythms, Seasonal Change, Climate and Stress

12-07-2004 Examples of Severe Pyramiding in Geochelone sulcata

01-02-2004 WCT- Frequently Asked Questions

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06-29-2006 Testudo marginata (Schoepff, 1792)  翘缘陆龟 (GB) - Lisa Weiss

06-29-2006 Testudo marginata (Schoepff, 1792)  翹緣陸龜 (Big 5)- Lisa Weiss

06-29-2006  红耳龟 的饲养指南 (GB)   Darrell Senneke

06-29-2006  紅耳龜 的飼養指南 (Big 5) – Darrell Senneke

06-29-2006 豹龜的飼養指南 Geochelone pardalis (BIG 5) – Darrell Senneke

06-29-2006 豹龟的饲养指南    Geochelone pardalis  (GB)  Darrell Senneke

06-29-2006 印度星龟 - Geochelone elegans (GB) - Chris Tabaka DVM and Darrell Senneke

06-29-2006 印度星龜 - Geochelone elegans  (Big 5)- Chris Tabaka DVM and Darrell Senneke

06-29-2006 菱斑龟/钻纹龟(Malaclemys terrapin) 的饲养指南    作者 (GB):  Jonathan Helms

06-29-2006 菱斑龜/鑽紋龜(Malaclemys terrapin) 的飼養指南 作者 (Big 5) Jonathan Helms

06-29-2006 乌龟 (Reeves Turtle) 的饲养指南    (GB) Darrell Senneke

06-29-2006  烏龜 (Reeve’s Turtle) 的飼養指南 (Big 5) – Darrell Senneke

04-30-2006 La famille des Trionichidés - Par Darrell Senneke

04-30-2006 Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima (GRAY, 1855) – Tortue forestičre ornée. Par Lisa Weiss

04-30-2006 Apalone ferox La tortue molle de Floride. Par Vincent NOËL

03-01-2006 Żółw gwiaździsty (Geochelone elegans) – Darrell Senneke and Chris Tabaka DVM

03-01-2006 Clemmys guttata (Druppelschildpad) - Darrell Senneke and Andy Snider

03-01-2006 Sierdoosschildpad (Terrapene)

03-01-2006 Tracaja (Podocnemis unifilis) - Darrell Senneke and Chris Tabaka DVM

03-01-2006 Kwantung moerasschildpad (Chinemys nigricans) Darrell Senneke

03-01-2006 Weekschildpadden (Trionychidae)  - Darrell Senneke

03-01-2006 Chinese streepnekschildpad (Ocadia sinensis) - Darrell Senneke

03-01-2006 Genus: Bijtschildpad (Chelydra) - Darrell Senneke

03-01-2006 Geslacht : Sternotherus (Muskusschildpad) - Darrell Senneke

03-01-2006 Geslacht: Modderschildpad (Kinosternon) - Darrell Senneke

03-01-2006 Chelus fimbriatus – Mata mata, Franjeschildpad   - Ben Forrest

03-01-2006 Diamantrug schildpadden (Malaclemys terrapin)

03-01-2006 Bosbeekschildpad (Glyptemys insculpta) Darrell Senneke

03-01-2006Bladschildpad (Cyclemys) - Chris Tabaka DVM and Darrell Senneke

03-01-2006 Gestekelde aardschildpad (Heosemys spinosa) - Dennis W. Herman

12-14-2005 Pseudemys -  (Cooter and Redbelly Turtles) - Darrell Senneke

12-14-2005 Malayan box turtle (Cuora amboinensis) – Darrell Senneke and Chris Tabaka DVM

12-14-2005  Genus: Graptemys  (Map Turtle) Care

12-13-2005 Testudo marginata (Schoepff, 1792) フチゾリリクガメ リサ ワイス

12-13-2005 屋内飼育でのリクガメの「タートルテーブル」の作り方

12-13-2005  リクガメ類の子ガメの基本的な飼い方と、日常的なケア ダレル セネーク

12-13-2005 パンケーキリクガメ Malacochersus tornieri ポーラ モーリス

01-29-2005 Género: Graptemys  (Tortugas Mapa)

01-28-2005 Spanish, English and Taxonomic Designation Reference Table

01-28-2005Zelva ctyrprsta, Testudo (Agrionemys) horsfieldii

01-28-2005 Zelva nadherna Trachemys scripta (dale TS)

01-28-2005 Recka zelva zlata – Testudo graeca terrestris

01-19-2005 Chelus fimbriatus マタマタ ベン フォレスト

01-19-2005 水棲ガメの基本的な飼い方 ポーラ  モーリス

01-19-2005 ホウシャガメ Geochelone (Astrochelys) radiata クリス タバ

Updated Web Pages

03-13-2006 The Complete Chelonian Taxonomy List 

12-13-2005 カミツキガメ属 Chelydra   ダレル セネーク

01-28-2005 World Chelonian Trust - Newsletter

01-25-2005 World Chelonian Trust - Alternate Language Pages

06-19-2004 Friends of the Trust

06-19-2004 Mediterranean Spur Thigh "Greek Tortoise" - Testudo graeca ibera*

06-18-2004 Contacts Page

06-16-2004 ヒラオリクガメ Pyxis planicauda

06-02-2004 Nutrient Analysis of Replacement Turtle and Tortoise Foods

05-05-2004 WCT Turtle and Tortoise- FAQ - Frequently  Questions

04-01-2004 World Chelonian Trust - Calendar of Events

03-23-2004 Black-breasted Leaf Turtle Geoemyda spenglerii

03-16-2004 Basic Care - Tortoise Hatchling Daily Care

03-14-2004 Burmese Mountain Tortoises

02-25-2004 World Chelonian Trust - Alternate Language Pages



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