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Locating a Veterinarian- Find a qualified veterinarian in your area

WCT Ask the Vet columns by Chris Tabaka, DVM

Jan 2000 - Quarantine basics / protocols

March 2001 - Indoor housing substrate options for chelonia  

August 2001 - Emergency treatment protocols for injured turtles

June 2002 - Asian turtle and tortoise medical care

Common Medical Diseases in Chelonia

A Natural Shell Repair Example in a Terrapene - Chris Tabaka DVM

An emergency omphalectomy (egg yolk/yolk sac removal) procedure in an Emys (Emydoidea) blandingii (Blanding's turtle)-  Chris Tabaka, DVM

Carapace Pitting in Terrapene - Darrell Senneke

Cloacal prolapse treatment in a Geochelone sulcata - Chris Tabaka DVM

Cross Contamination in a Chelonian Collection - Sharon Chancellor MT

Deformities, Improper Growth or "Pyramiding"? - Chris Tabaka DVM and Darrell Senneke

Examples of Severe Pyramiding in Geochelone sulcata  - Darrell Senneke

Ear Infections and Surgery in Terrapene - Chris Tabaka DVM

Egg implosion procedure in a Yellow foot tortoise   (Geochelone denticulata) - Chris Tabaka DVM

Eye Infections in Terrapene - Chris Tabaka DVM

Fishhook Removal from a  Apalone spinifera - Chris Tabaka DVM

Hypervitaminosis A in an Indotestudo elongata - Chris Tabaka DVM

Medical Misinformation on the Internet and how it can Harm your Tortoise - Chris Tabaka DVM

Prolapse Surgery Procedure in a Female Red-ear Slider   (Trachemys scripta elegans) - Marty La Prees

Quarantine - Chris Tabaka D.V.M.

Treating extreme shell rot in Chelodina   - Darrell Senneke   

External Links to Common Medical Diseases in Chelonia (Links will open in new windows) 

Mycoplasma- Description of the disease and clinical signs by Dr. Mary Brown, University of Florida

Herpes- Description of the disease and clinical signs by Dr. Francesco Origgi, University of Florida

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