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Differentiating Male and Female Kinixys spekii (Speck’s hingeback tortoise) - Chris Tabaka DVM

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This is a species that has been coming into the United States in fair numbers over the past year or so.  It is relatively straightforward in terms of sexing.


A care sheet by Misty Corton can be found at the following link: Kinixys -  Hinged Tortoises by Misty Corton 


Pictured below are a pair of subadult Speck’s hingeback tortoises.  The dark tinged animal on the left is a female.  Note the flat plastron as well as the short tail.  On the right, note the male with his large elongated tail as well as his concave plastron.  There is some thought that the females may be more darkly colored and ornate as compared to the dull males but as I have only seen about a dozen specimens, I would not rely on this aspect.


In this plastron picture, note the absolutely flat plastron in the female near the camera and the concave plastron in the male in the back.


Again, note the large tail as well as the concavity of the plastron in the male on the left and the short, stubby tail in the female on the right.


Male Kinixys spekii

Female Kinixys spekii


Once more, the concave plastron is evident in the male on the left and the flat plastron of the female is notable on the right


Male Kinixys spekii

Female Kinixys spekii

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