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The following are special offers on goods or services that we have arranged for verified members of the WCT

Offer 1  Waterland Tubs The first large tub designed specifically for Turtles.  The existing tub is $140. It is available to our 'verified' members for $100 plus $45-$50 S&H if tubs are shipped individually.  If someone is buying multiple tubs the savings can be substantial even on the east coast. 

Membership will be verified before granting the discount. Order at Waterland Tubs


Offer 2 The African Spurred Tortoise Geochelone sulcata in Captivity. Russ Gurley. 2002. This excellent 80 page guide to the captive care and breeding of Sulcata Tortoises with 56 color photos is now available to World Chelonian Trust members only at the bargain price of $6.00 (plus $2.00 shipping & handling), which is exactly one dollar more than the title’s actual wholesale cost. In addition to members being able to obtain this title at the lowest possible price, the extra buck raised per copy sold will also help fund various other Trust projects including our Newsletter, care sheets, web pages, and more. As the special price offer applies to multiple copy orders too, insuring one’s favorite rescue organizations and animal shelters have the volume in their libraries is a very real possibility as well. Contact NorthStar Herpetological Associates- Turtle and Tortoise Book Shop  and please state that you are a WCT Member for confirmation of this special offer.

Offer 3  WCT Shirts - World Chelonian Trust safari shirts are now available. They are light brown, machine washable with button down collar and the WCT logo in blue and black . embroidered over the breast pocket.  S, M, L, XL - $40.00, XXL - 45.00, US orders add 3.50 for S&H. Overseas may be more. Please contact Glen Jacobsen






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