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Lisa Weiss - World Chelonian Trust - Trustee

When the Board of the World Chelonian Trust decided to add two trustees in May of 2002 the addition of Lisa Weiss was an automatic choice.  Lisa was long known for her willingness to eagerly volunteer her time and efforts helping to educate people about the care and conservation of turtles. In addition to this she was directly involved in the process through her work with confiscated food market animals as a Partner in the Turtle Survival Alliance. Her energy, dedication and willingness to work with others in cooperative efforts has already paid dividends for the WCT and we are certain it will continue to do so in the coming years.       

Lisa has enjoyed a quarter-century of caring for chelonians. She still has her first tortoise, a male California Desert Tortoise who wandered into the yard in front of her apartment and waited there to be discovered. Perhaps the condition of the  “lawn”, the only weedy, dry, brown area in the neighborhood, reminded him of his desert home. When nobody responded to the "Found Tortoise"  flyers she posted,  she figured she had better find out how to keep him healthy. Somehow, despite the sparse and often inaccurate husbandry information which was available in those days, the young tortoise managed to grow and thrive, and Lisa has been enthusiastically learning about chelonian care and conservation ever since. With the advent of the internet, she joined the community of turtle and tortoise keepers sharing information online. Through chelonian discussion groups and websites she has met some truly wonderful and dedicated people, and has been able to fulfill her long-standing wish to be involved with conservation efforts in a meaningful, hands-on way. She remains committed to helping other keepers find the answers they need online, and invites all to join the WCT-Online discussion list for great information in a supportive and friendly forum.

Over the years, Lisa became familiar with many of the Mediterranean and African tortoises and has done rescue/rehab work with North American Box turtles, Egyptian tortoises and Central American wood turtles. As a Turtle Survival Alliance Partner, she has had the privilege of caring for a group of Heosemys spinosa from the Kadoorie rescue operation, a challenging and deeply rewarding experience. Her principal focus is the more terrestrial Rhinoclemmys species, and she also has groups of Ornate Box turtles (Terrapene ornata) , Geoemyda spengleri and several Testudo species.

Lisa lives with her husband and three children on the western edge of the California Central Valley. She is a lifelong amateur naturalist, especially interested in invertebrates, birds, and behavioral ecology. In addition to the resident chelonians, the family menagerie includes everything from chinchillas, chickens and dogs to mudskippers, millipedes and toads, and there are usually assorted species of local bugs on temporary display on the kitchen table.  

When she is not feeding and cleaning up after all these creatures, she works as a professional violinist, specializing in period-instrument performance. She records, tours and performs with Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, American Bach Soloists and the Arcadian Academy. She enjoys running and hiking, and is addicted to several word games. - World Chelonian Trust                     Return to Biographies


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