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The following article is the creation of a resident of Indonesia. This is presented as a PowerPoint document.  This section of the web site may not work for those with older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or those that use browsers other than Internet Explorer. 

The prices referenced in this presentation are in Indonesian rupies,  one US dollar is currently accessed at 9000 Indonesian rupies,  one EUR is currently worth 11,700 Indonesian rupies.  (FXTop currency converter)

Click on this link to view the PowerPoint document "The Turtle Pet Trade in Jakarta"  This page may take a few minutes to download for those with slow connections. Once it has downloaded it may be viewed by traveling through the slides by clicking the arrows directly below the images.  If you prefer -- a superior way to view this presentation is by clicking the full screen presentation icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen after the page appears. The show may then be navigated by simply clicking your mouse. 

For those that would prefer to simply save this presentation directly to your computer,  right click on the second link below and "save as" or "save target as".

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