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We are pleased to be able to present the Tewksbury Herpetological Institute's Complete Chelonian Taxonomy List

World Animal Markets  -  Animal markets in China, Indonesia and Africa

Behind the Scenes: A Tortoise Survey of the Shwe Settaw Wildlife Sanctuary, Myanmar  - Dan Sterantino

Bog Turtles and Isolated Wetlands: a challenge for private sector  conservation efforts -  David S. Lee, The Tortoise Reserve, Inc.

Desert Trip - Letter from Jim Buskirk

Differentiating Cuora picturata from Cuora bourretii - Chris Tabaka DVM

Differentiating Cuora galbinifrons subspecies - Chris Tabaka DVM

Cuora galbinifrons bourreti  - Visual Determination of Subspecies - Chris Tabaka DVM

Cuora galbinifrons galbinifrons  - Visual Determination of Subspecies - Chris Tabaka DVM

Cuora galbinifrons picturata  - Visual Determination of Subspecies - Chris Tabaka DVM

Quiz: Name that Cuora galbinifrons Subspecies

Differentiating Indotestudo forstenii from  Indotestudo elongata - Chris Tabaka DVM

Differentiating Kinixys homeana from Kinixys erosa - Chris Tabaka DVM

Quiz: Name That Kinixys

Differentiating the two Subspecies of the Burmese Mountain Tortoise (Manouria emys emys and Manouria emys phayrei) - Chris Tabaka, DVM


Differentiating Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta ssp)  - Darrell Senneke 


In Search of Clemmys owyheensis In Idaho’s Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument - Ken Carlsen


Long Necks, Flat Heads and the Evolution of Piscivory -  Scott Thomson

Morphometrics of Box Turtles - George Patton and Martha Ann Messinger

Quiz: Name that Manouria

Review:  The U. S. Role in the International Reptile Trade - Amazon Tree Boas to Zululand Dwarf Chameleons,   Author -  Craig Hoover, Traffic North America,  August 1998. -   Reviewer Darrell Senneke

Shipping Chelonia - A Safe and Reliable Technique - Chris Tabaka DVM

Taxonomic Confusion - Why are Some Species on the WCT Web Site Listed Under More Than One Name?  - Darrell Senneke

The Temple Turtles of Sang Poh Tong  - Chris Tabaka DVM

Top 25 Turtles on Death Row


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