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The Temple Turtles of Sang Poh Tong  - Chris Tabaka DVM

I recently had the opportunity, following a Turtle Survival Alliance chelonian workshop at the Singapore Zoo, to travel to Malaysia to visit a Batagur baska breeding facility as well as Manouria impressa habitat (World Chelonian Trust article coming soon on the M. impressa habitat including dozens of pictures of in situ mushrooms, forest floor, and plants from known tortoise habitat).  During the drive back from the Batagur breeding facility, we stopped at a Buddhist temple in order to experience firsthand what are referred to as the "temple turtles".

Buddhism is one of the most commonly practiced religions in the world encompassing roughly 6% of the world population or around 360 million people.  Buddhist temples dot the landscape throughout much of southeast Asia.  

This particular temple, named Sang Poh Tong and found a few hours north of Kuala Lampur, was literally carved out of the side of a mountain.  The building structures were detailed and rather ornate.

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