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A Natural Shell Repair Example in a Terrapene - Chris Tabaka DVM

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Two of the questions I am asked most frequently are the following:


1. Will this injured turtle I found be able to heal?


2. When you do trans-plastronal surgery (surgically incise through the plastron) for procedures like egg or mass removal, how well is the animal able to heal?


The following pictorial is based on a shell found by Chris Baker of the Memphis Zoo and helps answer both of these questions.  This animal sustained a SEVERE injury but without assistance, managed to recover and fully heal it over before something else caught up with it.  The regenerative, recuperative powers of chelonians are simply amazing!



A View of the Shell from Various Angles




The Animal's Self-created "Patch" and the Underlying Shell





Varying Views of the Bony Carapace and the Severe Damage it Underwent



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